Bosch Diagnostics

Bosch diagnostics

Detailed Bosch diagnostics in Newtownabbey 

For a quick and accurate report about your vehicle’s health, you can rely on Bosch diagnostic tools and technicians at AEC Motors. 
ECU scanning

ECU scanning by the experts 

An efficient engine control unit can identify all the issues your car has. The ECU technicians at AEC Motors are trained on Bosch diagnostics which means that our experts will find out the exact problem quickly and offer you a solution. Depending upon the condition of your car’s engine, we can carry out the necessary repairs. 
battery being analysed

 Our car diagnostics involve:

  • Engine analysis
  • Battery and electrical system analysis
  • Scanning and ECU reprogramming 
  • Smoke testing 
  • Chassis and body systems 

Exhaust, brakes and batteries
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Call us on 07886 918 568 to detailed information about our expertise in car diagnostics and repair services in Newtownabbey. 

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